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Patient/Client and Care Partner Opportunities

At the Middlesex London OHT (MLOHT), we are committed to, and hold ourselves accountable to, authentically engaging people from various backgrounds and experiences to ensure we are building improvements that serve those who need them most. We encourage patients and caregivers from all backgrounds to join our efforts in transforming health care for all. If you have experience as a patient or caregiver and have ideas on how to improve and transform health care, we would like to hear from you.

Opportunities to participate include:

  • The PCCP Network, is a network of patients, clients and care partners that have expressed interest in improving patient care by sharing their experiences. There are many ways you can participate depending on your interest and capacity:
    • You may share personal health care experiences in the form of an informal interview (by telephone or virtually).
    • You may join co-design sessions with health care providers and other patients, clients, and care partners to co-define the problems that we need to focus on and co-design the solutions for improved care.
    • You may participate in initiatives and projects undertaken by the MLOHT.
    • You can sign up for our email list to receive regular communications and updates from the MLOHT.
    • You can join the Patient Client Care Partner (PCCP) Council, see info below.
    • Compensation is provided.
  • The PCCP Council is a group of dedicated individuals whose aim is to amplify the voices of patients, clients, and care partners, recognizing their invaluable role in improving patient outcomes and experiences across Middlesex London.
    • PCCP Council members advise and work with leaders from health and social services organizations in Middlesex London and have an equal voice in decision making. They participate in initiatives and projects undertaken by the MLOHT and inform strategy and policy development.
    • By joining the PCCP Council, you become an advocate for positive change in healthcare, working alongside like-minded individuals to ensure that the unique needs and preferences of our community are met.
    • The PCCP Council meets twice a month for a total of three hours.
    • Compensation is provided.

For queries and expression of interest, please email [email protected].

Middlesex London Ontario Health Team Membership

Become a member of the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team. Members support our work to improve our healthcare experience together.

All Middlesex London OHT Members voluntarily participate in Middlesex London OHT improvements, initiatives, and projects.

Members may be asked to voluntarily contribute in-kind or financial resources to the Middlesex London OHT; however, there is no financial obligation to become a member.

Members can also join a “Cluster” (e.g., Long-Term Care Home cluster). A “Cluster” representative brings forward a collective voice to Coordinating Council discussions and decisions. “Clusters” develop their own process for appointing representatives/alternates.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a member or to formalize your membership.

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