About Middlesex London Ontario Health Team

What is the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team?

The Middlesex London Ontario Health Team (OHT) is a dedicated team of local healthcare providers and community members who are working together to better connect healthcare and supports across Middlesex County & London.

How will the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team improve care locally?

The Middlesex London OHT will first focus on improving care for 2,000-3,000 people living with advanced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and/or Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), who need system-level care coordination or navigation, with a special focus on those at risk of institutionalization (g., at risk of going to the hospital).

Eventually, we will support a population of over 525,000 people with their healthcare needs.

How did the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team determine their initial population?

The Middlesex London Ontario Health Team (then referred to as the Western Ontario Health Team) worked together with stakeholders partners to select the initial priority population in August 2019. At that time 7 different populations were suggested, 6 of which had sufficient overlap and opportunity for collaboration. All 6 of these population groups related to older adults with chronic disease.

Of the more than 525,000 who mainly access healthcare in London and Middlesex County, it is estimated that 34,900 people are living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and an estimated 8,800 are living with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). A key element of our initial work will be to better understand the care coordination needs of these populations and preferred method for addressing them.

Are patients/clients and care partners involved in the decision-making process?

Yes! The Middlesex London OHT values the voices and experiences of patients, caregivers, and care partners. We partner with patients/clients and care partners to co-define the current problems and co-design the solutions for improved care and supports.

If you are interested in learning more or becoming involved as a patient/client or care partner, please email [email protected].

Are there resources for health care providers about joining the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team?

Partnering with health care providers is necessary for the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team to build a solid foundation, and to tackle significant health system improvements.

The Ontario Medical Association has summarized a list of frequently asked questions and answers from providers about Ontario Health Teams. Review those FAQs here.

What is the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team Coordinating Council?

The Middlesex London OHT Coordinating Council guides the work that we do, aligning with our purpose and values. Representatives from various clusters (sectors) participate in monthly meetings to discuss the work of the OHT and engage in collaborative decision-making to set the direction of our work.

The Middlesex London OHT Coordinating Council has 2 co-chairs: a Health Care Provider Co-Chair, and a Patient/Client and Care Partner Council Co-Chair.

View our complete Coordinating Council Membership List.

How are Cluster (Sector) Representatives chosen for the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team Coordinating Council?

Each Sector/Cluster develops their own process for appointing a representative and alternate.

How can I get involved with the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team?

The Middlesex London OHT has several options to get involved. Healthcare organizations, community organizations, and individual community members can become formal members of the Middlesex London OHT.

Patients/clients and care partners can join the Patient/Client and Care Partner Council to provide their experience to help us improve our health care system. Visit our Get Involved page for more information and current opportunities.

Is there a financial obligation to become a member of the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team?

Middlesex London Ontario Health Team members may be asked to voluntarily contribute in-kind or financial resources to the Middlesex London OHT; however, there is no financial obligation to become a member.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team, please visit our Contact Us page to send a message.

About Ontario Health Teams

What are Ontario Health Teams?

Ontario Health Teams are groups of providers and organizations that will be accountable for delivering a full and coordinated continuum of care to a defined population.

Will patients continue to have a choice in their care provider?

People will still choose who they receive care from.

Patients that receive care from providers who are part of our Ontario Health Team will not need to sign up. They will experience better care and supports from a broader network of other physicians and inter-professional providers working together as a team to improve their care.

How does a patient become connected with an Ontario Health Team? Will a patient be able to sign up with a team and how will this happen?

Ontarians will continue to access care and supports from their existing care providers. As Ontario Health Teams are created, Ontarians will be provided with information about the benefits of this model. Ontarians will still be able to choose who provides their care. As the province begins this work, Ontarians can be confident that they can continue to contact their health care providers as they always have to access the health care they need.

What will be different for patients?

Better connecting care and supports through Ontario Health Teams will change how patients, families, and caregivers experience the health care system. As Ontario Health Teams are formed, over several years, patients will be able to more easily access and find their way through the system with multiple providers working together as one team.

What is “integrated care”?

Integrated care is a coordinated approach where providers collaborate/connect on a person’s care. This model improves transitions and health outcomes throughout the patient care journey.

What does “co-design” mean?

Co-design occurs when a group of people work together to solve problems, while ensuring that the solution works for everyone.

The Middlesex London OHT is committed to a co-design approach to identify and prioritize healthcare system improvements. This includes:

  • Listening to patients, clients, care partners, and providers to identify the biggest challenges and opportunities related to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) care today
  • Working with patients, clients, care partners, and providers to prioritize initial focus areas of improvement
  • Creating solutions together
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