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Digital Tools: Resources for Providers

This page contains links to digital tools that frontline providers can use to improve how they work with patients. The list below is recognized by our clinical stakeholders as valuable digital health solutions available across Ontario.

Please be aware that this list is not complete; it’s just a helpful starting point for exploration. Individual preferences may vary, so feel free to explore additional options based on your specific needs.


Electronic consult (eConsult) is a secure web-based tool that allows physicians or nurse practitioners timely access to specialist advice for all patients and often eliminates the need for an in-person specialist visit.

Local Experience

“My primary care provider was able to give me further direction quickly.”


Electronic Referral (eReferral) simplifies the referral process by enhancing communication between primary care clinicians and specialists/organizations and enabling quick and secure referrals to be sent and received through an electronic platform.

Local Experience

“Confirmation and feedback opportunity all through the eReferral process is great.”


PrescribeIT® is a national e-prescribing service that provides safer and more efficient medication management by connecting community-based prescribers (such as physicians and nurse practitioners) to community retail pharmacies, enabling the digital transmission of prescriptions.

Local Experience

“Pharmacy got it right away. Less paper to hand over.”


PatientSERV is the OMA’s partner for efficient uninsured services management. Their easy-to-use solutions and comprehensive support allows clinics to run smoothly and maintain focus on what’s important – providing quality patient care.

Local Experience

“I was able to pay for something without having to go into the office.”

Health Report Manager

Health Report Manager (HRM) is one of the value-added services for clinicians who have adopted a certified EMR. HRM provides the functionality to receive hospital reports electronically from hospitals or Independent Health Facilities (IHFs). (includes eNotification)

Local Experience

“My doctor had information about results of my emergency visit and surgery.”


The Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) gives authorized health care providers access to lab test orders and results from hospitals, community labs and public health labs. As patients move between hospitals, family physicians, home care and long-term care settings, OLIS makes viewing patients’current and past test results easier and enables treatment decisions to be made at the point-of-care.

Local Experience

“I got a secure message from my primary care provider saying my lab results looked good and didn’t have to wait weeks.”

Clinical Connect

ClinicalConnect is a secure web-based portal that provides authorized healthcare providers real-time access to their patients’ electronic medical information, in a timely manner. Data is collected in ClinicalConnect from all acute care hospitals, Ontario’s home and community care support, regional cancer programs in the Ontario Health west region, as well as various provincial data repositories.

Local Experience

“I don’t have to pull out my binder full of information. It’s all right there for my doctor to see.”
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