About Andrea

Andrea Loewen is the recruitment, onboarding, and retention lead for the Middlesex London area. She is also a medical clinic owner along with her husband who is a family doctor.

They bought and completely renovated a large house fifteen years ago that now houses a full Family Health Organization (FHO) practice, micro-pharmacy, and office space.

The years building and operating this clinic through changes in the economy, governments, and operating systems has taught Andrea a great deal about family medical clinic operations.

Andrea also has experience moving provinces, after living in Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, and now Ontario. She brings a wealth of lessons-learned to share with those starting their life as a family doctor, including those who want to do that in addition to being an entrepreneur, and those who want to explore making their practice more efficient.

Please contact Andrea to learn how she can help you start or seek out improvements in your family medicine career path.

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