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We will find the right practice opportunity for you. 

We are currently recruiting Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners to work in the Middlesex London area. 

London is the birthplace of family medicine in Canada. Practicing here connects you to the historic and unique tertiary healthcare network in Middlesex London: 

  • Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Referral care centres and London Health Science Centre (LHSC), St. Joseph’s Health Care London (SJHC) and Middlesex Health Alliance (MHA)
  • Health research at Robarts Research Institute, and Lawson Health Research Institute. 

Start your journey today by connecting with Andrea and visit to create an alert for the London area.


We are here to help you transition into practicing here in Middlesex London. We will support you with: 

  • Starting a practice: finding the right location, navigating building permits and zoning changes, hiring staff, and recommending professional services 
  • Connecting to community: neighbourhood insights, school selection, and career search support for your partner & family 
  • Obtaining essential documents: Ontario driver’s licence, OHIP card (provincial health card), insurance 
  • Registering to practice in Ontario, Canada 

The Middlesex London healthcare community is connected and supportive. Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners in London are supported by these organizations to successfully navigate challenges and celebrate joys: 

Connect with Andrea for more information. 


We appreciate your commitment to serving the residents of Middlesex London. We’re here to reduce your administrative burden and improve your clinic experience.  

We are connecting Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners with training sessions and digital tools. We also host a private forum for questions of practicing Family Physicians in Middlesex London. 

Connect with us for support if: 

  • Your practice or group is expanding and requires support.
  • You are interested in adding a Nurse Practitioner to your clinic and would like more information. 
  • You are planning to go on leave or vacation and would like a locum. 
  • You are planning to retire, move, sell, or close your practice in the next year or two. 
  • You need help with a pain point in running your practice. 
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